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"The NICU2HOME app was designed with connecting people in mind"

- Craig Garfield, MD, MAPP (Co-Developer)

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Influenced by NICU Parents

Being in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be hard for parents–whether they knew their baby was coming to the NICU or if it came as a total surprise. We asked NICU parents what they needed to know in order to care for their baby from NICU admission until going home. Then we built NICU2HOME based on what parents truly wanted. This evidence-based smartphone app is designed to help parents get oriented to their new reality, learn about their baby, track their NICU journey, and share this journey with family and friends. Welcome to NICU2HOME.


Home offers daily customized education content based on infants’ current age and parent preferences. This homepage also functions as a private social media-like platform that parents and invited relatives can connect through.

Daily Update

The Daily Update feature allows parents to maintain a vital connection to their infant – literally! This feature collects information from NICU-babies’ electronic medical records (EMR) to notify parents of their weight, feeding status, and more once per day.

NICU2Home also recognizes that medical jargon, large teams of doctors, and bulky medical equipment make it difficult for many parents to feel a connection to the health care workers supporting their baby. To create a human-centered experience, Daily Update offers a simple, yet effective, way for parents to know who is interacting with their infant.

Education Center

The Education Center provides a wide range of content beneficial to parents of even the youngest premature babies. The goal of this feature is to show parents what they may experience during their infant’s NICU journey. While many parents feel a sense of uncertainty throughout the NICU stay and transition home, the Education Center fosters feelings of self-competence and emotional support.

Visualize growth

Clean data visuals shows parents how far their infant has grown over time

Share with family

Updates invited family and friends on babies' progress in the NICU


Automated Tracking

Automatically tracks physiological data such as total weight gain


Automatically and manually track milestones such as infant's first bath.


Nurturing a premature baby can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. This feature aims to provide NICU families a moderated platform from which they can view curated posts and comment on their own NICU journey with the community.

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"This app had got me through my first and only child's NICU stay . I was very blessed to have this app as a go to it has allowed me to keep up with my daughter’s day and provided quick contact with nurses and easy access to very informative articles regarding preemies and how to care for them."

NICU Parent



"I loved reading the articles. I felt that the articles were very relevant to me and the stages my children were at in their NICU journey." 

Nicu Parent


Family Oriented

"The ability to post updates for family members was really useful. Helped to streamline com- munication and make the experience of family members looking for information less over- whelming. I love the content articles that always seemed very timely."

NICU Parent

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