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Research and Development

Human-centered mHealth research and design

Our team continuously evaluates the extent to which NICU2HOME features improve discharge preparedness and mental health outcomes.
Craig Garfield
Young Lee
Kaltheen O

Meet the team

From software developers to developmental specialists - the NICU2HOME smartphone app is influenced by them all.

Project Aims

Easy Communication

Provide a clinical communication platform for health care providers and parents

Discharge Readiness

Improve NICU discharge readiness by instilling parenting confidence through education


Provide emotional support and a sense of community


Increase access to health care through cost-effective digital networks

Diversity & Inclusivity

Cater to and represent a diverse set of family dynamics and ethnic identities

Mental Health

Reduce all parents' feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression

Prior Research Findings

The NICU2HOME team works to combat the stress associated with the NICU experience and infant prematurity
Pervasive Uncertainty

NICU parents note pervasive feelings of uncertainty as they navigate experiences through the NICU stay and transition home (Garfield, Lee, & Kim, 2014)

Fatherhood Stress

Fathers experience increased physiological stress during the transition from the NICU to home period (Garfield, Simon, Rutsohn, & Lee, 2018)

Postnatal Depression

Depression among NICU parents remains elevated during infants’ transition from the NICU to home. Mothers’s odds of positive depressions screenings decrease during this period while fathers experience little improvement (Garfield et al., 2021).

Childhood Outcomes

The American Academy of Pediatrics underscores the impact of parental mental health on early and late childhood developmental outcomes (Rafferty, Mattson, Earls, & Yogman, 2019)

Co-Parenting in Pediatrics

The field of pediatrics has been slow to adopt the importance of mothers and fathers as co-parents in family-centered care (Yogman & Garfield, 2016). 

Current Research Aims

Evaluate Efficacy

Our team believes that digital health interventions shouldn’t just look good. They should do good. We evaluate the ability of our mobile health intervention to support parents and improve core outcomes such as parental mental health.

Fatherhood Advocacy

Supporting families takes a village. The NICU2HOME team works to be inclusive of all family structures and contribute to the small but growing pool of literature on fatherhood.

Hospital Policy

We know the NICU and the transition home can be stressful. Out team works hard to develop recommendations to improve hospital policy in support of parents.

Public Health

The NICU has a tremendous ability to impact long-term health outcomes. Our team collaborates with public and private intuitions to combat notable public health concerns (e.g., maternal mortality, postpartum depression).

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